Real Estate Commercial Multifamily
Condo Rental
location_on New Orleans 4000 sqft This wonderful 18 unit multifamily condo rental sits in the heart of downtown New Orleans. The building features a classical Victorian style mixed with contemporary accents 33 33 180 Photos SERVICE DETAILS
Type: Multi-Family Condo Rental
Space: 18 Units
Style: Contemporary Victorian
Number of Photo: 180 Photos
Photoshoot Length: 4 Days
Image Processing Time: 3 Days
Cost: $1800 for 190 Photos

Real Estate Residential 2 Bedroom
Luxury Condo
location_on New Orleans 750 sqft This quaint 2 bedroom condo rental rests in a historic New Orleans building in the heart of the Central Business District. Historically the building housed nearly every New Orleans newspaper headquarters throughout the years. 2 2 10 Photos SERVICE DETAILS
Type: Multi-Family Rental Condos
Space: 7 Rooms
Style: Gulf Cost Beach House
Number of Photo: 10 Photos
Photoshoot Length: 45 minutes
Image Processing Time: 1 hour
Cost: $120 for 10 Photos

Real Estate Commercial 2 Bedroom
Luxury Condo
location_on New Orleans 500sqft This lovely 2 bedroom luxury condo rental located in the heart of the French Quarter of New Orleans features a delicate mixture of historic French and Spanish architecture with touches of contemporary interior fixtures. 2 2 10 Photos SERVICE DETAILS
Type: Multi-family Condo Rental
Space: 6 Rooms
Style: French Quarter Revival
Number of Photo: 10 Photos
Photoshoot Length: 45 Minutes
Image Processing Time: 1 Hours
Cost: $120 for 10 Photos

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Commercial Real Estate

Photography, Videography & Documentation

We believe in presenting your business by highlighting the best features and presenting them to tell the story of your building. Specializing in commercial real estate photography, Heinz Designz uses the best equipment, highest quality imaging, and best techniques available to provide as much value as possible for your situation. As a multi-disciplinary company we are able to provide a variety of services to fulfill your visual needs.

69.8% of REALTORS® who use professional photography believe that doing so decreases days on market. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 44% of people search online for a property first and 87% percent of people feel that photos are most helpful in their search.

Heinz Designz is set up to provide the New Orleans metro area and Gulf Coast with excellent real estate photography services to everyone from REALTORS® to real estate investors all the way to business owners who desire to show their property in the best way possible.

Using a combination of flash photography and high quality camera gear, we are able to achieve the highest quality images for any space.

24 Hour turnaround

In most cases we have the ability to deliver photos & videos within 24 hours of shoot.

High resolution Deliverables

All images delivered in MLS, Print, and Originals sizing.

Flash & Ambient Photography Techniques

Creating the necessary environment to showcase your home in just the right light.

Clear Windows & Blue SkieS Guaranteed

Who controls the weather? We make sure your home looks great no matter the climate.

30' Pole Aerial Shot

Achieving beautiful aerial photography of your home or plot to get a new perspective.


'Rush Service' upon request

Some projects need special attention and rushed deadlines. Bring it on!